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Avid Technology Pro Tools Ultimate Annual Paid Annually Subscription Electronic Code - RENEWAL

ID product: 17596
List price: €718.58
Web: €584.29
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Pro Tools Ultimate Annual Subscription Renewal.
Includes standard case support on and 12 months of software updates.

The Annual Subscription Renewal can be activated within 14 days of the expiration date visible on the Avid Master Account.
After 14 days it will no longer be possible to renew, it will therefore be necessary to purchase a new license.
Works with iLokCloud security system (which requires a permanent Internet connection) or with an optional iLok 3 USB stick, not included (which does not require an Internet connection).

Specific References

Reference 17596
Part number AY-9938-30122-00
Part number vendor 9938-30122-00
Taric 8473 3080 00
Country of origin CN