Cygnett V-Pro 10" Ring Light with Tripod and Bluetooth Remote

Price: €49.10
Cygnett V-Pro 10" Ring Light with Tripod and Bluetooth Remote

- 10 inch ring light
- Adjustable selfie stick and tripod holder
- 3 lighting modes
- Ideal for make-up, portrait and selfie application, vlogging
Bluetooth remote control
10 Levels of brightness
Integrated telephone support

Whether you are creating images with your phone or digital camera, there is so much you can do with the attached light, which is why using a ring light can dramatically improve the quality of your photos and videos. . The 10 "V-Pro ring light projects soft directional lighting perfect for taking selfies or portraits, applying makeup, making video calls or creating content. This ring light provides optimal illumination anywhere in your home, with a floor tripod that can be used in any room, including your office, kitchen or bathroom. The V-Pro is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, which allows you to control and take pictures or videos wirelessly.

Create content like a pro
This ring light is perfect for applying your make up in the best way, doing online tutorials, portraits and selfies, adding color effects, professional indoor photography / videography, vlogging, content creation and even video conferencing.

Enhance the appearance
You have complete control over what your images or videos look like thanks to 120 LEDs, 3 lighting modes, adjustable brightness levels and color temperature adjustment.

- Lighting mode (white, warm white, cool white)
- 10 levels of brightness,
- color temperature adjustment from 3000K to 6000K
Easy to use
Thanks to an integrated smartphone holder you can position the camera in the center of the ring light to take full advantage of the light. The practical floor tripod holder allows you to adjust the position and height of the light according to any scenario.

Main features
• 120 LEDs with adjustable brightness and color temperature
• Adjustable selfie stick and tripod with phone accessories and camera holder
• 360 ° swivel phone holder with a width ranging up to 3.6 inches, compatible with most phones
• Light stand extends up to 63 "and folds to 15.3"
• 10 "ring light
• 3 adjustable lighting modes: (1) cool white (2) white (3) warm white
• Foldable design for effortless portability
• USB powered
• Daylight 3000K-6000K
• Foldable metal tripod
• Power supply: USB power supply
• Voltage: 5V
• Power: 13W

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