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Avid Pro Tools Studio Perpetual Annual Updates + Support Electronic Code - Perpetual Upgrade

ID product: 17593
List price: €231.80
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Perpetual license renewal, includes standard case support on avid.com and software updates. Applies only to Perpetual (non-Ultimate) licenses with a plan that is expiring, or within 30 days of the expiration date at the latest.

The RENEWAL of the support and updates plan allows you to renew the maintenance plan of a perpetual license of Pro Tools, in order to continue to have the latest version available and guaranteed support.

Check the technical requirements required for the correct functioning of the software: https://avidtech.my.salesforce-sites.com/pkb/articles/compatibility/Pro-Tools-System-Requirements

For those who have a perpetual license with an expiring or already expired annual upgrade and support plan. For versions 9 and above

Specific References

Reference 17593
Part number AY-9938-30003-00
Part number vendor 9938-30003-00
Country of origin CN

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