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OWC Slim 8X Super-Multi DVD/CD Burner/Reader External Optical Drive with M-DISC Support

Price: €47.54

OWC Slim USB 3.0
External Optical 8X DVD/CD Burner
Mac / PC

Add a high performance USB optical drive to any computer.

Good Looks and Great Flexibility.
The OWC Slim is the good-looking, great value CD/DVD drive that's indispensible in your gear bag. A fast USB 3.0 interface and a lightweight design provides portable convenience and flexibility for use with both Macs and PCs. Just plug in the included USB cable and the OWC Slim is ready to go -- perfect for school, home, work, and play.

Compact and Versatile, Everywhere.
The OWC Slim offers stylish mobile disk read/write ability with a sleek, totally bus-powered design. It's small enough to slip into a laptop bag so you'll always have an optical drive on hand, whatever your needs.
Supports CDs at up to 24x speed and 700MB, and DVDs at up to 8x speed and 8.5GB dual layer.

M-DISC - The Perfect Long-Term Archive Solution
The OWC Slim optical drive supports the revolutionary M-DISC format, making it the ideal solution for reliable long-term backup and archiving. Compared to other recordable storage media like DVDs and Tape, M-DISC offers superior reliability and protection against data loss that will last a thousand years (or more)!

M-DISCs use a proprietary layer made from inorganic, rock-like material for permanent data storage, protected from data rot and extremes of light, humidity and temperature change. Once written, the M-DISC can be read or played on any quality DVD drive that supports the common DVD+R/RW format.


- Bus-powered, no AC adapter needed
- Portable and travel-ready design
- Supports M-DISC extended life media for superior reliability
- Supports MacOS and Windows

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Reference 14501
Part number OW-MR3PDVDR8XT
Part number vendor OWCMR3PDVDR8XT
Taric 8471 7030 90
Country of origin CN

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