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Sonnettech Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub

ID product: 14386
List price: €196.30
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Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub

Compact Universal Thunderbolt 4 Hub with Four Thunderbolt 4 Ports and 8K Display Support

Compatible with all Thunderbolt™ 4 computers, all M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max Macs, all Thunderbolt 3 Macs, and iPad Pro® tablets with a Thunderbolt port

Thunderbolt 4
The Highest-Bandwidth, Most Versatile Connection Available
The Thunderbolt hub you've always wanted, without paying for the extra features you don’t need. A single cable powers your laptop and connects to multiple Thunderbolt and USB peripheral devices. Sonnet’s Echo™ 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub – the compact universal hub for today and tomorrow.

- Directly attach three Thunderbolt peripherals – and daisy chain up to a total of 5 devices

- Alternate use—attach three USB devices to Thunderbolt ports (or at the end of Thunderbolt chains)

- Attach one USB device with Type A connector

- Connect up to two 5K displays; or a single display up to 8K resolution!

- Charge your laptop

- Charge your phone or tablet

Connect to Your Peripherals and Power Your Computer with One Cable
Plug in your Thunderbolt devices, monitor(s), and USB peripherals, and then connect them all to your computer from the hub with the included Thunderbolt cable. The Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub will even power your laptop with up to 85W of charging power. When it is time to leave, just unplug the Thunderbolt cable, grab your laptop, and go.

Port Multiplication – Turn One Thunderbolt Port into Three

Flexible Device Connectivity for Work and Play

Based on the Intel® Goshen Ridge controller, the Echo 5 Thunderbolt Hub features four Thunderbolt 4 ports; one for connection/power to your computer, plus three to directly connect Thunderbolt peripheral devices (and daisy chain up to a total of 5 devices). The Thunderbolt ports also support USB4 and USB 3 peripherals. For bus-powered devices, the Hub’s Thunderbolt peripheral ports provide 15W per port, supporting the most demanding bus-powered Thunderbolt and USB peripherals—they can even charge your iPhone® or iPad® twice as fast as using the USB Type A port.
Versatile Thunderbolt Expansion
Perfect for Thunderbolt 4 Windows and Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Macs (including Apple® M1 Macs with dual Thunderbolt/USB4 ports). Connect the hub and create three separate independent Thunderbolt expansion chains. Add and disconnect devices from one chain without affecting the others.

Connect super Fast USB NVMe SSDs at Full Speed
The Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub features a USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) Type A port on the front to support super fast USB NVMe SSDs at full speed. And unlike some other hubs, the Echo 5 doesn’t skimp on power either—it provides up to 7.5W, ensuring bus-powered devices will operate without fail.

Thunderbolt Certified for Mac and Windows
The Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub is certified for use with M1 Max/M1 Pro/M1 Mac computers, Intel Macs with Thunderbolt 3 ports running macOS® 12 (Monterey) or 11 (Big Sur), and Windows computers with Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Specific References

Reference 14386
Part number SO-ECHO-HB5-T4
Part number vendor ECHO-HB5-T4
Taric 8471 5000 00
Country of origin TW

Data sheet

Interface type
Thunderbolt 4
Interface specs
GbE, Thunderbolt 4, USB 10 Gbps